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Tightwads on the Loose and Sea Trials author Wendy Hinman

I’m an adventurer, speaker, and award-winning author of two books, Tightwads on the Loose and Sea Trials. Tightwads on the Loose a popular travel adventure book about the 7-year, 34,000-mile voyage I took with my husband aboard a small, violently rocking sailboat where I alternated between feats worthy of Wonder Woman or Suzy Homemaker.

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Motherhood Martyrdom & Costso Runs by Whitney Dineen

Motherhood Martyrdom & Costco Runs is a book about my leap into middle-aged motherhood. It covers my journey through multiple miscarriages, my challenges with postpartum depression, and the overwhelming love and devotion I have for my girls. This book is 80% humor, 20% struggle, and 100% the real deal.

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Cascadia by Buzz Bernard

Cascadia, which has been categorized as a technothriller, is set against a megaquake and tsunami that will–not may–strike the Pacific Northwest. Here’s the logline: Confronted by a massive earthquake and tsunami in the PacNW, a respected geologist must make two gut-wrenching decisions. One could cost him his reputation. The other, his life.

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