Book Review Sources:

There are a variety of places to get book reviews, so this is by no means an exhaustive list. There is some controvery over paying for reviews versus getting them for free (read about it here), but the fee-for-review programs listed below are all with companies that all review books both with and without a fee, and aren’t only fee-for-review.


City Book Review, including the San Francisco Book Review, Seattle Book Review, Manhattan Book Review and Kids’ Book Buzz. Free and fee-for-review available. Books must be within 90 days of their release date for the free general submission. Books that are more than 90 days after their release date are eligible for a Sponsored Review starting at $199.

Kirkus Reviews picks the books for their regular review program, but their Kirkus Indie program is available to all books. Prices start at $425.

Foreward Reviews and Clarion Reviews – Forward Reviews picks the books they include in their quarterly publication (approximately 150 each issue), and these books must be received 4 months prior to the date of the Foreward Publication. Clarion Reviews is the fee-for-review program and starts at $499.